Quick start-up

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Re: Quick start-up

Post by [JAG]Teabag »

thanx will check it out :)

glad i tested in a spare install its totally messed up my ut install, i need to look why now :?

it freezes the intro with a wobble effect.. when i press esc. key. and no menu options appear.

if i resolve why i will post update. it may just be a confict.


well i found out im missing a package which it required...
i removed my user.ini to desktop saved my open gl driver.
deleated the Unrealtournament.ini rebooted the game and reloaded my user.ini
that fixed the loading of the game and restored my settings...

cant recall what package i was missing as i cant be asked to go through it again lol.
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Re: Quick start-up

Post by David_OSU »

Sorry it didn't work for you, you might have too many things hooked to the same menu item (a conflict, like you wrote). I've got Oldskool installed, Marathon Ressurection installed (I really should have this on a seperate install, it can really goof up the menu system), and about 3 or 4 other additional menu items.

One suggestion -- I rarely ever install umods. I always unpack them with a umod unpacker tool, then look at what they are trying to put into my system folder and what lines they want to add to my ini files (look in manifest.ini after you unpack the umod). With this tool, I only copied over the necessary .u file and added one line to botpak.ini (I think). I already had oldskool, so I didn't copy that over. Seems like blindly installing umods is a good way to screw up your UT installation -- you never know what will get over-written (I don't want my hi-res textures over-written with the old low-res versions!).
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Re: Quick start-up

Post by [JAG]Teabag »

I decided to go and re look at it this morning since im off work today...
when i first installed the Umod it was missing a package, so decided to re do it and try again..

(last time after it didnt work with the same error i used umod extractor and put the files in.
i didnt think to read the manifest.ini)

this time i removed my own user.ini rebooted to create a default.
tried installing the Umod, it wont. so i copied each file to the correct directory and over wrote to make sure every file was there.
i openend the manifest and added each line to the correct section (i believe)

from here

Code: Select all

Now when i boot this install it gave me, the same error i got when i first tried the Umod.
failed to load was missing a package, called 'olroot'

heres the section of the log showing info.
(for those who dont know theres a .txt file in your system folder called UnrealTournament.log
the info i have posted, was from within there, this is the same info really as the failure screen you get when UT crashes, but here the info is easily viewed, step by step as things load. usually best to look near the end of the log as thats when the failures occour before shut down).

Code: Select all

Log: LoadMap: ScreenSelector.unr?Name=Player?Class=Botpack.TMale2?team=255?skin=SoldierSkins.blkt?Face=SoldierSkins.Othello
Warning: Failed to load 'olroot': Can't find file for package 'olroot'
Warning: Failed to load 'ForgottenBonusPack': Can't find file for package 'olroot'
Warning: Failed to load 'ScreenSelector.unr': Can't find file for package 'olroot'
Warning: Failed to load 'Level None.MyLevel': Can't find file for package 'olroot'
Critical: appError called:
Critical: Failed to enter ScreenSelector.unr: Can't find file for package 'olroot'
Critical: Windows GetLastError: There are no more files. (18)
Exit: Executing UObject::StaticShutdownAfterError
Exit: Executing UWindowsClient::ShutdownAfterError
Log: DirectDraw End Mode
Critical: UGameEngine::Init
Critical: InitEngine
Exit: Exiting.
Uninitialized: Name subsystem shut down
Uninitialized: Log file closed, 01/09/09 07:04:43
the lock up i encountered previously was highly possible my fault! i changed the startup map name back to the original. without realizing there was new lines else where within the .ini file that were added. Doh!

now to resolve the 'olroot' issue properly.
with luck i'l find what 'olroot' is via google...

turns out 'olroot' is part of the oldskool pack which i didnt have so (but you do).you can get it here, non Umod just copy all files into your system folder, then install the pack provided by David_OSU, or here is a alternative, but includes non umod i have provided as well

i made it a long post on purpose to show people, who dont know how to fix things without a reinstall.
how to go about it, with luck fixing the issue.

David_OSU thanx mate,
lol HUGE double sized fonts took me a min to realise how to but it back to normal.
I like the large rotating UT Symbol when you press esc.
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Re: Quick start-up

Post by =ESF=Tapout »

Thankyou very much this is very usefull.
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