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Hello community,

I am pleased to announce the opening of the first GlobalUnreal community pub. It will be the first of hopefully many to come. The server is in NY and currently using zp but in the upcoming weeks it will make the switch to Tim's new netcode. It's 100 Speed, 15min time limit and it has a hand-picked maplist that I created. I looked up a bunch of old goodies, tried out 100's of new maps and am still always on the lookout for good quality maps. There are less flat and open DM maps (still some), but I'm going for a real flowing CTF vibe on a lot of them.

Map requests? Name them. Can't promise to put them on (removed a few that I thought might clear servers).

Rules? Few and far between. It's a pub. Obviously no cheating and no boosting to inaccessible locations to drag out the map. Admins can use their discretion if they see people intentionally trying to ruin the game.

Mutators? Fatboy-Friday? Skaarj & Warcow shenanigans? I'm open to reintroducing some of these mutators on designated pub nights to try and bring back some oldschool pub fun.

Pugs and league action are my main priority ( to hop on irc) but a pub server should help to bolster activity. It gives people a place to play while they are waiting for a pug to fill, it will increase awareness of this community, and additionally give people an option if they are interested in playing some laid back UT.

Drop through, check it out and as this pub starts to fill regularly, more GlobalUnreal pubs will start to sprout up with different mods and gametypes.

Happy fragging,