[Update] The UT Community is growing! (Statistics for you)

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[Update] The UT Community is growing! (Statistics for you)

Post by Shade »

Hello folks!

I am really happy. I just looked at the site statistics, and it looks great. In the last 6 months, the community here at UT99.org continued to grow!
In january this year, I already posted on Google Plus (yes, UT99.org got a profile there :)) "The last 6 months, the community experienced a visitor growth of 30%".

So, lets see how it looks today.
I compared two time periods of 183 days (6 months): October 19, 2011 - April 19, 2012 and April 20, 2012 - October 20, 2012

October 19, 2011 - April 19, 2012
Visits: 57,546
Unique Visitors: 26,434
Pageviews: 258,390
Average Visit Duration: 00:04:49

April 20, 2012 - October 20, 2012
Visits: 64,478
Unique Visitors: 29,179
Pageviews: 298,614
Average Visit Duration: 00:05:22

What does these numbers mean in words? In the last 6 months, we got 10,4% more unique visitors, who stayed longer on the site and visited more pages.

On the whole, isn't that just great? We have a really special community here of old and young people, giving UT their attention for many years or even contributing game content, still today! And I hope, this community will continue to exist at least another decade (let's be that optimistic).

Just don't stop loving UT. Think back of the good old times and revive them. Invite your friends for some matches and have fun!
And please don't hesitate spreading the word how strong UT still is. Share the news on Google Plus / Facebook, maybe we can motivate some more old players for a come back. :tu:

Cheers :highfive:
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Re: [Update] The UT Community is growing! (Statistics for yo

Post by Raynor »

This is fantastic news, I'm really happy to see that there's still interest in original UT and people find his/her way here. Cheers!
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Re: [Update] The UT Community is growing! (Statistics for yo

Post by editor Dave »

Everybody's welcome! \o/
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Re: [Update] The UT Community is growing! (Statistics for yo

Post by T1Cybernetic »

UT As old as it is will never die ;)
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Re: [Update] The UT Community is growing! (Statistics for yo

Post by UnrealGGecko »

Indeed, this is great news!
But I also wanna say...
Welcome back, boss! :mrgreen:
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Re: [Update] The UT Community is growing! (Statistics for yo

Post by FraGnBraG »

wow, that's good news (and 10 years from now crev will _still_ be bitching about ue1 :lol:)

i wonder (if it's even possible) to figure out how ut99 (the game) is comparing these days user-wise with 2k* and ut3 ...

the ut99.org stats could indicate new folks are trying the old game and finding it fun enough to dig in a bit more ...

perhaps ut3 and 2004 etc are not really played much (empty servers etc) and ut99 has more online activity ...

that would be interesting to find out :)
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Re: [Update] The UT Community is growing! (Statistics for yo

Post by Bianca »

Great News !
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Re: [Update] The UT Community is growing! (Statistics for yo

Post by UT Sniper (SJA94) »

Ut99 is the best game made, much better than utk4 and UT3. Hopefully when mods like newnet are complete even more people will come back.
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Re: [Update] The UT Community is growing! (Statistics for yo

Post by Hook »

Yes, that is totally cool man.
I have noticed it rising a lot on this and other sites too!
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Re: [Update] The UT Community is growing! (Statistics for yo

Post by GodRage »

ut99 is the best fps game ... Even for people like me who only play instagb !!!
I tryed quakelive when instagb was a free mod, it was cool.... But it was only for 2 weeks. So... ut99 will rocks for life!!! ^^

Hi ! ^^
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Re: [Update] The UT Community is growing! (Statistics for yo

Post by Creavion »

FraGnBraG wrote:wow, that's good news (and 10 years from now crev will _still_ be bitching about ue1 :lol:)
I am NOT really amused about this kind of joke, not sure what I should think now about that one! *caught*
Edit 3: Already forgiven! :>

At first I did not want to ruin the party here, but while I have started this post:
For me these numbers are meaningless. It is the same as the newspapers are writing "Germany (or any other country) has never been that rich before". At the end only the rich people are more rich now, while the rest has to survive with much less money somehow (inflation, rising prices, increased running costs ...). Same here: If I see people releasing some good work I don`t see an increased interest. The amount of feedback posts has shrunken in the last years and for me this is the more important factor how I judge this game`s state of health. Personally I release my work these days only for some good friends. If they stop caring as well, UT is completly dead for me. Since I rely mostly on gametypes and stuff I know very well (Stock Gametypes and Monsterhunt), my target audience is more or less mostly the same (there are some more people around here with the same "problem"). With some modelling and photoshop skills at least I can move to an other engine. It is like with motorsport or let`s players: Without fans it does not really work well, or imagine a shop: The shopkeeper would not have any use for visits only, he would need paying customers. So, back to the topic: The most important people for each game are modders and level designers. Unlike "Gamers" they don`t only play they also create new content. Visitors are very hard to judge, they might have visted the site only once and disappear immediately.

Edit: Some things added...
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Re: [Update] The UT Community is growing! (Statistics for yo

Post by Sp0ngeb0b »

Little sitenote from my side: Starting from May 2011, 11518 players with an unique Nexgen ID have been registered on my server.

Ofcourse there are some doubled (reinstall etc), but in my mind, this number still says enough about the number of active players who are still around.
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Re: [Update] The UT Community is growing! (Statistics for yo

Post by Pinguin »

Nice to see that UT99 is back in action now. Fantastic job man! :D
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Re: [Update] The UT Community is growing! (Statistics for yo

Post by Chamberly »

Awesome!!!! :)
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Re: [Update] The UT Community is growing! (Statistics for yo

Post by [rev]rato.skt »

gg and Brazil this together and mixed!!
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