UT Community SDK Release Thread

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Re: UT Community SDK Release Thread

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Shadow wrote: Wed Aug 23, 2023 10:28 am //edit: Commenting out works for me. The engine doesnt bind to SDK's dll files. I think you also need to comment out the Render entry and set it back to "Render=Render.Render".
I did indeed comment out the Render entry.

The only thing I didn't comment out was the [sdkEngine.sdkEngine] - though I commented out the entry under that heading which was ;SceneManager=sdkExeEngine.sdkExeSceneManager. So could it be that leaving [sdkEngine.sdkEngine] resulted in the game using that?

I should say that I have now moved all the sdkEngine/sdkCore files off the UT path and so the game now uses Engine.Engine.