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Re: PHP UPackage

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Thanks for replying!

Yup, I've looked at a few different packages, unreal-archive being one of them, but as my php skills are basic at best I'm still limited in my progress. Got uz, uz2 and uz3 file verification/validation done so far but that’s about it.

I'll continue to poke about with the above dependency tool and see if I can take advantage of its functionality. It would be nice if someone upped your package to github and the work expanded, unfortunately I've little to no experience with github myself :( I’ll try and play about with it in the coming weeks and if I can I’ll try and get it up there, if not, maybe Shrimp might be in a position add it to his account even, he has a few there already! Would be nice to get it included in unreal-archive too 😉like the wiki’s section.

Anyway, thanks for your php class, it’s a great resource!