OldBuggerZ House!!!

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OldBuggerZ House!!!

Post by Katman »

This server may be new, but I have been a UT player since 2k, I use to be a Die Hard "The House of Happy!!!" player.
While playing we formed the }Kk{~ Clan (KingKlan), there were 3 of us. Katman, Kragon and King Cobra.

Kragon made 3 CTF maps that I still see on servers as of late, I'm happy to see.
  • CTF-7th_Hole
I just recently got a UT99 server up and running, good thing I saved all the Mutator and Modifications, since they are so damn had to find these days.
While doing a search I came across ut99.org, you guys have loads to offer...

While server hopping and come across OldBuggerZ House!!! stop buy and say Hi.

Thanks guys, for keeping UT alive. :tu:

- See you in the Machine!!!
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Re: OldBuggerZ House!!!

Post by Dr.Flay »

Welcome, We hope you make good use of this site and come back often.
You'll find it is where to find the current resources and help.

Check out some of the house map-packs if you get a chance.
http://my.opera.com/Unreal-Tournament/b ... ng-contest
You will find much more in the way of current updates and addons at "Your Unreal"
http://my.opera.com/Unreal-Tournament/b ... tournament
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Re: OldBuggerZ House!!!

Post by Hook »

Welcome OldBuggerZ or Die Hard - (sounds familiar) :wink:
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