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billybill wrote:Just to let everyone know, if you are thinking of changing game servers host or getting a new one. have a 25% off sale at the moment. My advice pay in bulk 12 months to get the cheapest option. Set your server to private if you don't want to deal with people raving on about being banned and how unfair it is.

You will have 5 days to decide if its worth keeping or request a refund. They give you 100mb of free webspace that you can use as a redirect, I believe located in the US somewhere.

Has web-based control panel that lets you turn on or off the VPS so you don't have to deal with linux interface. Automatic startup script that prevents the game running twice or being unable to stop the process (exclusive to gameservers). Automatic scheduled restarts. View server log from the webbrowser.

Clan-pay where you put a button on your website showing how much you need each month and where strangers or members with their own clanpay accounts can put in what you need

Settings up server:
- It's still a good idea to replace the tiny server textures with the cd1 ones, they give you plenty of space on the server itself (Have to ask if you need exact numbers).

- Disable all worldlogging, if you are planning to use stats then you will need to mess with the port changing that are infamous for

Get it before it ends because I don't know when that is!

P.S out of curiosity would I be able to use a referral link here in future if i were to post things like this?
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Re: new site launch 25% off

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I've had a lot of negetive eperiences with game servers. I use
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Re: new site launch 25% off

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I never had bad experience with gameservers, they are cheap, easy to use and the customer service worked well for me so far.
I'm tempted to get one, but I just wished they had IDEAL as payment method for the Netherlands.
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Re: new site launch 25% off

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Yes, both our servers, CMM and CLD are with GameServers - Love them!
Very fast too - even for long distance players :o
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