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Re: Error Messages

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Translation, please!
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Re: Error Messages

Post by Barbie »

The time I was running a v451 server, I removed the invisibility because it often (always?) caused infinite loops. With v469 I didn't notice any problems.
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Re: Error Messages

Post by sektor2111 »

That's a flawed code in replacements and class choice. If class would be different and/or replacement done other way this would never happen - I think a fix can be conformed to original package.
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Re: Error Messages

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I have this error message, when I trying to use D3D11Drv UT99 436 V1.5. and using with UT 469C. Any idea?
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Re: Error Messages

Post by OjitroC »

OjitroC wrote: Wed Jul 20, 2022 10:57 pm Got the following error (in DM-AmericanSuburbsDaylight) - any idea what might cause it?
Log wrote:Critical: FLightManager::SetupForActor
Critical: URender::DrawLodMesh
Critical: (LodMesh Botpack.BioGelm)
Critical: DrawMesh
Critical: URender::DrawActorSprite
Critical: URender::DrawFrame
Critical: URender::DrawWorld
Critical: UGameEngine::Draw
Critical: UWindowsViewport::Repaint
Critical: UWindowsClient::Tick
Critical: ClientTick
Critical: UGameEngine::Tick
Critical: UpdateWorld
Critical: MainLoop
I see that hopefully this bug is fixed in 469c Release as the Release Notes indicate
Fixed a bug that made the game crash when attempting to render a LODMesh with DrawScale set to 0
The BioGelm LodMesh used in NWUltraGoreSSEb does indeed have a DrawScale of 0.00.