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yes if you just import in to ut skin maker , the skins are not animated, to do that you need the code that is in the skin UTX, or PCX to animate it....been playing with that , have a work around, but not quite right on how it is done, but close, modifying code to add to a PXC that is else were works kinda but haven't figured it how yet to add it to a portion of a skin, like to Animate just a portion on the skin or the portion behind the Armor , , working with part of the Fang and boss liquid steel, for a sgirl clan skin and Boss, I respect the peoples abilities that came before me , lots of in progress....look behind the code that is Animated here, gives you a clueand direction how it is done liquid, lave, etc. , and again I think [ARC]Pirator for teaching me and being a grueling Admin, showing me the way around the ut DR Flay, yes that's what I am learning