UT2004 gameplay in UT99? I think so!!!!

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Re: UT2004 gameplay in UT99? I think so!!!!

Post by Wises » Tue Jul 22, 2014 6:32 am

just wondering , but had a thought about rockets with Arc-ing abilities.
to expain this would be to be able to based on some movement either ; a) whilst firing , or b.) after firing , have rockets travel around in an ARC like manner towards intended victims.
just something which popped up mentally and could enhance gameplay.

something I noticed from playing SLV many years ago and the ability to somewhat ARC the Rockets into the general direction of other players.
only using rockets and NOT Deemer's lol
or Both ;)

edit: so if you were aiming at Player X just before firing and they moved along the X asis' 100px , you could rotate mouse in the axis and let go of load and it would curve towards that point.

quite possibly like the Movie 'The Wanted' ;)


Actually there's a cool idea , also adding the ability to pin a target through a wall using Sniper and then setting the Arc of the Projectile to kill that victim.

so modifying 2 wep's rocket's and sniper for Arcing Bullet's

with the Sniper tho , could have it like first click set's the target point and the scond point would be the arc then fire would curve to that destination.

or something..

*perhaps right click to zoom , left click to set target , mouse move to set trajectory , left click to fire Arc-ing Bullet.
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Re: UT2004 gameplay in UT99? I think so!!!!

Post by Ubir4 » Thu Jun 25, 2020 7:11 pm

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With this mutator you can do DoubleJumps and DodgeJumps