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Re: Scripting

Post by Wises »

ok sooo.. Iam deciding to have a crack at this Scripting stuff. And have come across a couple of tools to help ease the load somewhat.

first being WotGreal in particularily Tools > Advanced Exporter

having exported all the .u files in the System directory I then discovered the next tool recommended by Wormbo UnCodeX , more

this I believe helps to find Parent/Child Classes more easily ..

I have come to the conclusion sometime ago <_< that in order to learn UScript , first we must Study Samples from Other Mod's and more importantly so from the Engine classes.

therefore the journey begins.
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Re: Scripting

Post by Chamberly »

Found this awhile randomly surfing on the web. This can be useful. To me it seem like it is. haha. ... Syntax.htm
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