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Re: My Sniper Server

Post by Spectra »

Say "!mvc". This will open a small window.
Give any values you like to change the color.
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Re: My Sniper Server

Post by noccer »

Wow, that is nice :D

>>You can't steal any ip (v4)adresses, there are exactly 4294967296 of them, and they will still exist when you wrote down all of them, or are stored in a (master)servers database ;)<<
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Re: My Sniper Server

Post by Deepu »

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Re: My Sniper Server

Post by 99UT »

Sorry for posting in the wrong place, once again:

Hi Folks, I startet a server for german players or any high latency lovers outside Germany :ironic: ... .222:7777/

Classic level set-up, very basic, no fancy extras.
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Re: My Sniper Server

Post by papercoffee »

99UT wrote:Sorry for posting in the wrong place, once again:
Why didn't you open your own thread, instead of hijacking an almost 1 year old thread?
You are in the right section but this unnecessary necrobump just for advertising your server is unsolicited.
Make an own thread for your server and keep us updated there. :wink:
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Re: My Sniper Server

Post by Dr.Flay »

The threads in this section are for advertising a server.
How would you feel if someone tried to hijack your server thread ?

Is it even a sniper server ?
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Re: My Sniper Server

Post by sektor2111 »

Maybe he doesn't know how to create a topic - but he owns a server te, he...