[Feedback] Finally!

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[Feedback] Finally!

Post by Dale »

Finally an active (and alive!) site with Unreal Tournament (99) stuff on it! About time I found it.

Good luck with the site and I'm going to enjoy downloading more stuff for UT. :-)
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Re: [Feedback] Finally!

Post by Shade »

Thank you Dale, im glad that you like it. :)
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Re: [Feedback] Finally!

Post by [DoC]Str!Ker »

hey welcome on this knownledge board :)
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Re: [Feedback] Finally!

Post by Dare »

Welcome! :mrgreen:
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Re: [Feedback] Finally!

Post by Red_Fist »

Awesome job on the website, you got a lot going on for all uses for ut99.
I said at UP I had some misc mapping tool files to send, be good to add to your repertoire of files, but I need a place to send, small zips.
If I had dsl back, I could send a slew of MH maps, but these tools are just more stuff to keep your site in for obscure mapping file searches, for downloading.

again, great job,

Got one suggestion, to add "single player" to the vote list on front page, "other" is not very defining.

Oh, any chance of doing the upload map-comment thing since the other site is gone?
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