Sniper Rifle Zoom Reticle

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Sniper Rifle Zoom Reticle

Post by Asaluk »

A true n00b here.

Trying to run a LAN server and have the Zark II sniper rifle. When zooming the reticle changes to a small difficult to see cross hair.

Can anybody guide me through where and how to change the reticle used during the sniper alt-fire?
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Re: Sniper Rifle Zoom Reticle

Post by [JAG]Teabag »

theres a lot of "sniper clans" who offer there rifle for download , belive most if not all are based on the zark rifles, many have nice reticles.
Edit, just a realised are you using this to run and shoot? this was i belive one of the first camping rifles... hence the small cross hair for long distance zoom on small targets, in large maps.