Hello from #UT4.eu

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Hello from #UT4.eu

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Hello Gamers,

I would like to invite anybody who plays UT4 or even UT99, who are thinking about playing UT4 to join our pick-up channel. The one & only place for the European UT4 community. Join forces, get together, participate & have some fun. To connect to our channel use a IRC client or webchat & come to:

Irc.GlobalGamers.Org -- #UT4.eu

If your connected to another network & don't want to disconnect simply type /server -m irc.globalgamers.net -j #UT4.eu

Why we suggest players to play here?
1.) Awesome ping for European players. (Frankfurt/Amsterdam - HUBs)
2.) Active European community. (8-10 Pugs a day or more.)
3.) Very friendly community.

What do we play? (List can be different as time goes on.)
1.) Duel (Insta & Weaps)
2.) 2vs2 CTF ( Insta & Weaps)
3.) 4vs4 TDM (Insta & Weaps)
4.) 5vs5 CTF (Insta & Weaps)
5.) AS (Weaps)
6.) 1vs1 DM (Insta)
7.) 2vs2 CTF (Weaps)

You can also visit us on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1592951890983448/
Our Youtube page: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChpc13 ... Dk90uex_VQ
Manually download our maplist at: http://game.ut4.eu/maps/
Download UT4 Pre-Alpha here: https://www.unrealtournament.com/