Facing worlds

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Re: Facing worlds

Post by -Feint- »

Testaccount wrote:If Face is LG you don't even need to use the ALTshock.

Just dodge against the wall, pull out a tad then push in and land on the ledge, rinse repeat to the top. Most BT'ers know what I mean here :D
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Re: Facing worlds

Post by shadow_n »

In siege you just have to get a jet pack....

but eh, if im playing ctf i find that shock combo is way to in accurate...
and i tend to hurt myself with the piston, so i just walk.
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Re: Facing worlds

Post by LiQuidFire »

dynaphase wrote:Ah dude, I become from a clan who have a name, Practice Makes Perfect ;]

So if its sounds impossible, and if it looks impossible (especially when you try it) you just need to practice!
Believe me, I use that trick sometime even today on CTF-Face, and that kind of maps with large amount of free space.
funny, i don't recognise your nick. Although it is pretty hard to keep track of PmP members these days =)