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Re: RE: Compile Error

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nogardilaref wrote: Also, it seems that there has been a tendency to go off-topic ....
That's very true as well BUT
nogardilaref wrote:Therefore, I would suggest this topic to be split up so we can keep talking about these drama issues and whatnot in a separate topic.
Is there a need to keeping talking about this? I think the point has been well made and taken.
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Re: RE: Compile Error

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nogardilaref wrote:It's ironic how you seem to be excluding yourself from the overall problem, Nelsona.
Yeah ? Good... it's a normal habit here so why I would be an exception attacking myself ? I did not see anyone doing this here or elsewhere.
Overall problem is to check what I'm saying toward "sudden modding addiction".
Hey... admins, how about rule 8 repeatedly broken and that defaming thing ? Ahah, forum is excepted from that if is being defamed with dumb posting... ah, never mind...
This "drama" term used (excuse my stupidity) has not any bit of logic for me, no one died, no one is burning like a torch, so I really don't get this term used.
Umm - a sudden idea of mine, right now I don't see any reason to not remove link to here from favorites in order to prevent a random future distraction, like I did with other forum.
Done. Now everything is nice as a colored butterfly sliding on a fresh flower from spring time.
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Re: RE: Compile Error

Post by nogardilaref »

@~{kRiD}~: I did not open any class or anything, but from the error alone it sounds to me that it's failing to import a custom font.
As far as I remember, whenever you try to import a font into UT, this font has to actually be correctly installed in the operating system itself, it's not enough to have the font somewhere in the source.
So what you can do is to check the font import directives, and if you have the fonts together with the source code, just install them. :)
OjitroC wrote: Is there a need to keeping talking about this? I think the point has been well made and taken.
Not sure, but as long as there are posts on-topic (like my own above), it would make sense for the other posts to be split from the main topic imho.
I will also do my part in restraining myself to keep on-topic, no sense in wasting energy into doing otherwise.
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Re: Drama around Sektor and sektor2111

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I just took a nap because I feel ill and this happened?

This will be my last warning. From here on I will execute Rule Number 1 of our forum rigorously.
Have a nice day.