Invite for an established server-community to get more users (from Middle East)

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Invite for an established server-community to get more users (from Middle East)

Post by Tournamentalcase »

:idea: Hi, my first post! Are you or do you think any individual/group here operating a popular UT99 public server community could be willing to have a conversation about — if given remote admin access to my extra donated HW — install or push over an image of their performance-tuned OS+UT inis/maps and copy or automate mirroring on it of whatever ongoing patches they make to their home machine? Maybe just manually or script changes to the server-name/IP etc… as a friendly collab with me as a likeminded nostalgic U/UT99 oldskooler?

They might not gain active users on their current servers that improves their ranking stats, but they’d be able to claim a bigger aggregated footprint in their community like on their website/forum/etc and maybe a cut of any surplus donation revenue if one day local operating-costs get covered. Also in a world of global migration there’s a lot of European/American residents in places like Dubai who might discover their community through the local server and then continue playing on the familiar equivalent when they repatriate.
Optional TLDR section, but in case you want the deets…

I learned that adding a local node for real-time clustering of an existing populated server to lower the 125-170 ping from my serverless region isn’t technically practical within UT99 now without a lot of recoding, so —assuming other kinks unique to my region’s ISP’s can be ironed out— I might consider initiating a new server locally to allow the modest handful of fans like me from across the Middle East to actually dare DM/CTF and not only be dragged along in Monster/Siege/Sniper. But after checking out forum resources well-wishers pointed me to, I’ve decided that I wouldn't personally be configuring/admining it* (I’d pre-promote the idea on local gaming forums to crowdfund either dedicating a partition on a hi-spec machine+broadband connection one of us owns, or renting this from a gamer-friendly host).

* Why not my doing this solo? I’m concerned that what looks simple to start with for a techie will really be opening a bottomless rabbit hole FOR ME (this : viewtopic.php?f=33&t=14411). I know there’s a me in a parallel universe that will go through the process, but I’m not in a place rn (I used to sell IT so I know IT but my brain’s not wired for troubleshooting scripts etc, I can hardly remember more than 1-2 in-game commands as a player even. Like I def don’t see myself living inside like guys on struggling Bunny servers do to train players who come in one by one to promote more uptake to keep it alive because I have a kid to papa and rent to pay)… as a casual guy I can drop into my server to play for an hour a weekend or 5 minutes a day to keep the machine breathing as a friendly service to folks like me in my region and to have a fun circle of UT players enjoying ping-parity, and have an alliance-like connection with a longer-established UT99 community elsewhere. You know, friends to meet when you travel if the world ever goes back to normal, etc.
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Re: Invite for an established server-community to get more users (from Middle East)

Post by esnesi »

Hi, and welcome!

What is your question, or what do you want to achieve?
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Re: Invite for an established server-community to get more users (from Middle East)

Post by Barbie »

esnesi wrote: Fri May 14, 2021 8:10 amwhat do you want to achieve?
As I understand he looks for someone setting up his server.
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Re: Invite for an established server-community to get more users (from Middle East)

Post by papercoffee »

Or mirroring that persons server setting for him ...because he can't do it himself ...ok I should stop speculate, I have no idea about servers.