Replacement for Quadshot

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Replacement for Quadshot

Post by Barbie »

The Quadshot from package "UnrealI" seems to be a bit buggie^Z^Zy. Is there an error free replacement?
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Re: Replacement for Quadshot

Post by Buggie »

AFAIK it not finished at all. So if you wanna use it, you need search proper 3rd party package anyway.

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Re: Replacement for Quadshot

Post by OjitroC »

I think the Unquadshot works fine - I have it in Stuff Swapper and don't recall any issues.
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Re: Replacement for Quadshot

Post by sektor2111 »

You forgot to talk about what ammo is using this thing. I spent some time for figuring a full replacement some years ago. Weapon "fixed" from some "package" was using other sort of ammo and Bots were constantly messing with it spamming a whatever "select" sound all the time...
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Re: Replacement for Quadshot

Post by Leo(T.C.K.) »

The unquadshot is based on the original working late 1996 quadshot from the 0.83 and 0.84 builds, only the shellcases are custom (i think from 227 originally). But I never made UT version of unquadshot unlike with the other two weapons so they are unreal weapons and not tournamentweapon subclass.

Either way yea quadshot was a leftover. I can recommend also upsxquadshot because it was implemented at some point acording to a few devs in some test version of unreal psx, but we had to redo it from scratch, that version uses unused/hidden animations the mesh had but not being execed/called in. The 227 quadshot is a redesign made into a different type of shotgun and its based on an earlier quadshot mod (like oldquadshot).

So you have many different interpretations but the closest to what the devs intended are like unquadshot and upsxquad (ut version exists).

Both work differently as they represent their own eras. There were probably more working quadshots in the unreal developement but we only have builds 0.83/0.84 and a partial working one in 0.864/866 range as far as real unreal builds go. Everything after was just a placeholder/leftover but they probably wanted to reuse it for one of the expansion packs or simply leave it up to modders to play.

I think since quadshot was one of the first unreal weapons devised (after all 0.83 and 0.84 has only four working weapons implemented into the game demo), they had a deal to leave it in the game for nostalgia or something.

Version 0.83 from October 1996 has the four weapons as in weapon slots 1. automag, 2. quadshot, 3. stinger (very different and cooler with the tarydium explosive charge thing), 4. flamegun

The shells are the original ammo for quadshot but got unassigned at one point and i believe during 220 or something they got it use the flakcannon mesh for third person lol.
The Clip as in the automag clip still has the same model as in 1996 and skin even, just lower res than in 1996 (from 256x256 they scaled it down). The other part of that skin is for the sconce decoration.

You can see the clip doesn't quite fit the released version automag, that's because automag's model changed twice (and the second time more significantly).
But the clip never changed.