|SC| clan best BT clan

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|SC| clan best BT clan

Post by solman »

we where the best we are the best come and see if u can ebat us or join us :)|
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Re: |SC| clan best BT clan

Post by VRN|0wn_m3_pl0x »

oh wow, nice thread. you really layed that out well.

Note the sarcasm. O.o

I am in UN and im not to arsed about tournaments, i run a successful server so i'm happy. I'm also friends with a few SC members, and i know they don't sound as stuck up as you.

UN|| is a CLan born from the ASHES of VRN. Remember. Shade Also pays for UN||'s site, so he is a busy guy :P

Check our clan site here : http://www.vrn-klan.com/ Enjoy!
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Re: |SC| clan best BT clan

Post by VRN|C-18 »

rofl you really served him, plox^^
is SC still alive? didnt see members in ages.. in fact i saw most core members left the buildin.. good luck!
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