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Evil Clan

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Hi there :tu:

I am co-admin of a little new clan called "Evil". Not that we are particulary evil, but hey, it's the name of the clan :satan:

We are an InstaGib clan running a server ( ) located in London UK. We run DM/TDM/CTF & DOM.

We don't play for ownage (though winning is far better than losing), but we play for fun and friendship and do our best to keep our server a fun place to hang out in. We are a "newly" started clan, meaning that we don't have a lot of members yet and our forum is pretty new (setup this summer). We are always welcomming new members who treasure our key values: Fun, Fair play, Friendship, Honesty & No Cheats!

The link to our forum is : http://www.ut-evilones.com

Welcome all and GG!!
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