This Map.. Dm tokara

Do you search a certain mutator, mod, skin, map, everything else?
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Re: This Map.. Dm tokara

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Spectra wrote:That map was converted by .:..: (dots) for 227 only. Here is the topic about it: ... 94143622/2
Dots must have used Botpack227 in his video and that's why you are able to see all UT stuff in unreal 1.
Here is the download link:
The map is a whole static mesh if you open it in editor.
thanks!!!!!!!!!!! :tu: in fact its unreal 227 with botpack patch thats adds hud and weapons from ut99 it was easy to replicate the video gameplay.. but its only playable on unreal 227
here the topic about get ut99 hud and weaps to unreal227
and here the ss
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Re: This Map.. Dm tokara

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Are there any other advantages to do this (UT stuff on Unreal 227), other than the visual things and the improved editor?
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Re: This Map.. Dm tokara

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Can you please provide me with a link to download the ut99 version of tokara?
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Re: This Map.. Dm tokara

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There isn't one is there? I have a vague memory of something simllar - no idea what the name was.
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Re: This Map.. Dm tokara

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Re: This Map.. Dm tokara

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