NewNet and BT: list of bugs/issues discovered

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NewNet and BT: list of bugs/issues discovered

Post by Dizzy »

Hello all

Recently we've been trialling NewNet 0.9 on the server.

I am very impressed by the positive effect it has on lagginess/smoothness of movement, but unfortunately it appears to conflict with a number of features of BT maps and/or BT mods.

Issues we've found are:

Lots of problems with movers which could potentially allow cheating. Movers such as lifts will start to move earlier or later for different players, depending on the player's ping. Players with higher ping (e.g. 200ms) can technically gain "(200ms) more time" standing on movers which fall into lava (example: small pillars which descend into lava on CTF-BT-SpeedOfLight.unr).

Problems with shoot Triggers (TT_Shoot) not working. Some work, and some don't. Examples which don't work: CTF-BT-TargetEng-v3.unr, target #4 doesn't work but previous targets do. CTF-BT-Absolution][.unr, first shoot target in first room (when you dodge around the corner) doesn't always work. Seems to affect targets which are recessed inside holes. Tried with ServerActors=NewNetIGv0_9.NewNetIG both enabled and disabled.

Rotating movers: player view doesn't rotate with the mover. Example: CTF-BT-Absolution][.unr again. Very first mover as soon as you spawn. Jump on it, and you don't rotate with the mover.

DelayedTeleporter no longer work properly. Example: first "teleporter cubicle" in the 3rd room of CTF-BT-Aperture.unr.

Crosshair disappears shortly after joining. I assume it's replaced by NewNet. It re-appears after a delay, after which time crosshair scaling (done by the "Custom Crosshair Scale" CCHS mod) no longer works and the Newnet crosshair is huge/unscaled.

BT Checkpoints are semi-broken. When respawning at a checkpoint, player view rotation is not restored properly.

"Admin jump" does not work when logged in as admin (without NewNet, this command allows admins to "fly" through the air): DoubleJump|JumpRel|walk|jump

Cow skin does not work.

• Some people having issues displaying/rendering the Instagib rifle. It appears "partially rendered":

Is the original author TimTim still active? Or is anyone else developing NewNet who can help us?

We would really love to use NewNet but obviously these bugs are very serious for a gametype which is based around movement/movers/triggers.

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Re: NewNet and BT: list of bugs/issues discovered

Post by Deepu »

The Ultimate UT Team is working with NewNet for fixing bugs, some of the bugs I already fixed

1, triggers & movers hit error with InstaGIB
2, HUD mutator bug fixed
3, custom position error mutator for BT
4, Created NewNet teleporter disabling mutator for Event or tagged tele

For more:
Test server :

The fractal map trigger error fully fixed with all weapons (especially pulse & hammer)

Completed settings & fixes
1, Bot teleporting fix
2, Weapon can open movers & triggers
3, Completed DoubleJump settings
4, Completed ComboGIB settings
5, Option for disabling NewNet Teleporter for more supporting event, objective & delayed tele
6, Hit error (not completely tested)
7, AS140 weapons bug
8, Idle anim for Redeemer
9, Custom mutator for eject fix RX & SLV based mod
10, Pulse Gun fire anim bug
11, HUD mutator fix (In this build of nn supports all types HUD mutators without adding bbplayer code)
12, Weapon throw enhancement (Can throw weapons to other players or bot, Smooth weapon drop code added & AX Weapons supports weapon drop sound if landed on ground)
13, Weapon get or dropped weapon pickup bug fixed, anim & sound bugs...
14, AX Weapons (A custom weapons pack for ut, that replaces normal into ax weapons with fully newnetized)
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Re: NewNet and BT: list of bugs/issues discovered

Post by RocketJedi »

doesn't work well with rocket x either just an fyi :)
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Re: NewNet and BT: list of bugs/issues discovered

Post by Deepu »

Are you tested with new Newnet? Use UNN1.RXPosError to enabling support for RX or SLV based mods