How to get a player's Nexgen ID via UScript?

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How to get a player's Nexgen ID via UScript?

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Hi all

I use Nexgen on my server and I would like to get the Nexgen ID of a PlayerPawn in UScript.

I tried many things including accessing Nexgen class directly but I can't figure it out.

Does anyone know how to get this, please?
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Re: How to get a player's Nexgen ID via UScript?

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I always wanted to do the same but have not tested it yet. So the following is only an assumption.

Have a look at NexgenPlayerInfo (version 112 here):

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class NexgenPlayerInfo extends Info;

var NexgenPlayerInfo nextPlayer;                  // Next player in the linked list.

var int playerNum;                                // Player num.
var string playerName;                            // Name used by the player.
var string playerTitle;                           // Title of the players account.
var string ipAddress;                             // IP Address.
var string clientID;                              // Client identification code.
This record connects the playerNum with the clientID. You can iterate over all Class'NexgenPlayerInfo' to get the clientID for a specific playerNum.

Another approach is to use the function getClientByNum of NexgenController:

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class NexgenController extends Mutator config(Nexgen);
 *  $DESCRIPTION  Locates the NexgenClient instance for the given player code.
 *  $PARAM        playerNum  The player code of the client handler instance that is to be found.
 *  $REQUIRE      playerNum >= 0
 *  $RETURN       The client handler for the given player code.
 *  $ENSURE       (result != none ? result.playerNum == playerNum : true)
function NexgenClient getClientByNum(int playerNum) {
NexgenClient also has the playerID.
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