sticky topic hopefully master servers

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sticky topic hopefully master servers

Post by rjmno1 »

I,m Always looking for the server settings when i,m installing ut99 for client side.
Some master servers did quit with those servers.
I just wanna know wich servers i must add in wich place and chanche wathever?
Please let someone post these server settings for playing ut for more server add in the server browser.

The question wich master server servers must i add for more ut 99 funn?



question are there more servers then these?

Please i wanna make a sticky thread about this topic.

unrealtournament.rar is the file wich updated the opengl 3.6 version and updated with the new server settings for more server play funn within ut99.
Question are there more servers to add to the master server list wich edited in ut99.ini?
I,m Always looking for these settings on this forum, when stickyed the other people can take a look add this topic to add within ut99.ini for future and right settings.
Mine question:Are there more master servers for ut99?
This post will updated when the question is answer with YES.
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