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Re: DM-RMC-CrossInfestation

Post by BadCorps »


Apart from the needed warning for motion sickness and epilepsy, it was a decent map.

I didn't enjoy the gameplay, you pretty much just fly in a straight (repeating) line and shoot at bots that don't really know what to do. Pretty much the only weapon you need is the Rocket Launcher for lock on or the Miner (NW3) w/ Air mines. The concept of the map is really awesome and has a lot of potential if bot pathing could be better and the maps decor changed to be less nauseating. The decor is cool, but it does really mess with your eyes after a few loops.

Good map, but needs some work.
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Re: DM-RMC-CrossInfestation

Post by noccer »

What the hell is this?
It is so damn weird and there is no way to find out where exactly you are. Awesome map, great, textures fit 100% to walls.
Is there really 100% falling speed? Do you really fall? Damn i need to find out

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Re: DM-RMC-CrossInfestation

Post by Feralidragon »

Yeah, it's not really meant to be played with mods (especially NW3) since the map was tailored for normal weapons (the weapons the map has).

This was just a simple experiment at a different kind of gameplay, something small, crazy, chaotic, something EvilGrins' style, since it's a map for his pack.

The intended gameplay was for you to be able to move in all directions freely and such, but due to the way the game works, it doesn't work well in this map.
Bots don't really know what to do either other than fire their weapons, since they're always in the air.
I might still do something about the movement at least though (scripting-wise), the next time I update this map.

The original idea was to make something more like a constant free-fall type of map, in which you would be able to move around without issues (depending on the AirControl you have set), and also die if you hit any obstacle, but it wouldn't work very well in UT99, at least not yet until some proper patching is done to fix some of its problems when warp zones are involved.
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Re: DM-RMC-CrossInfestation

Post by Gustavo6046 »

I want to do curvy surfaces too! ;-;

edit: could someone teach me? I'm still a beginner in the holy scriptures of editor voodoo. If I tried a curve with any resolution beyond 4 slopes (edges, or bevel, or whatever) myself. I'd be struck by the Goblin's mace. What about Bézier, or Nurbs?
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