Introduce yourself! (Please NOT only your Name or Clan!)
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Hi all,

I'm PossessedPacman and been playing UT since the beginning when I was about 15 years old. Mostly played on and off but never in clans, mostly public.
Started with UT99 , played a little 2k3 and 2004 and UT4 made me come back!

There were some cups on UT4 where I played some and now I play mostly UT99 ICTF on pugs and combogib on publics.

For me UT99 is the best for insta and combo, but UT4 could have become the best NW! It's such a shame that Epic dropped it..

I am really happy with the v469 patch for UT99, its pretty sick that there are people who are actually still working on this! If you read this, big thanks!

I came here to look for more people who want to play combogib. There are a lot of discords for insta but I cannot find one for combogib. Maybe someone has a place? Or maybe we could even start one!

Good to be here, best fucking game ever 8)
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Re: Hi!

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Hey, welcome aboard.
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Re: Hi!

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Welcome to the forum :)