Fixes for OLweapons

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Fixes for OLweapons

Post by Buggie »

Compatibility preserved so you can safely replace OLweapons.u on client or server (do not forget about .uz version in this case!).

Important note: files conformed, but tools like ACE which compare file byte-by-byte or calculate difference will be complain about files modification.

- Dispersion pistol now accept both osWeaponPowerup (missing class in OL) and WeaponPowerup (standard U1 class).
- Fix flood in log (possible when skaarj use OLautomag:

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OLautomag MH-Vale_Evelyn.OLautomag14 (Function olweapons.OLautomag.AnimEnd:006D) Accessed None 'mastermag'
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Re: Fixes for OLweapons

Post by sektor2111 »

Whatever automag also was crashing client for some animations missing or iterating up to the boundaries... It was AltFiring or such.
If I well recall I'm replacing this with Enforcer as long as I did not waste time hunting the bug...