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Ranked BunnyTrack

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Preparation for a new style of BunnyTrack competition has been stewing away nicely in the background for the past couple of months, and now the public-facing profile of Ranked BT will have its debut this evening.

I'll copy the blurb from the official Discord channel to explain what this is all about:
Other games have done it, and now it's our turn. The premise is simple: queue up in the lobby, get matched against other players of similar skill level, and fight your way up the ranked ladder to win prizes. We've been hard at work re-writing Discrim from the ground up, and we're almost ready to release it into the wild. Anyone can become apart of the ranked league at any time. At any time during the day or night, you can queue up into your region specific queues (that's right, we are going to have servers deployed globally!) and play against others.

Ranked BunnyTrack will be running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with each chapter of ranked being split into seasons. Each season will have a map pool following a theme, and featuring maps that we might not have ever seen in a 1v1 setting before. Each week there will be 5 different maps from the pool being played, meaning that players with less time on their hands can get around to training those maps.

For those of you wondering what you'll be competiting for: there is guaranteed money in the prize pool for the top ranked players in each season, as well as extra cash bonuses going towards novelty things (e.g. the player with the least deaths over a season). You will also be playing for custom server roles to show off your success in each ranked season.

Ranked will be launched in the next week or two, starting with Season 0 (BETA). More information will be shared between now and then. Some basic questions have been answered in
faq - for any questions not listed there, just ping @fierd_1/soupy .

Until then, get your UT configs ready, because the battle is about to get started.
So, top level BunnyTrack, big prizes, custom maps and regular match streaming. There's even some kind of token betting system (that doesn't involve real money) which allows you to gain kudos for making correct inferences about the winner of individual matches.

The action kicks off tonight (Friday 15th October) at 6pm CEST - that's 5pm in the UK, and 7pm in Eastern Europe on Heartlexx's Twitch channel, but I'm sure supa will be hosting some of the matches on his channel too.

Should add that Null is also streaming lots of matches