Unreal Tournament v469c - Release Candidate 3 (RC3) public released!

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Unreal Tournament v469c - Release Candidate 3 (RC3) public released!

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After RC2 come RC3!

Feel free go and download it:
https://github.com/OldUnreal/UnrealTour ... ses/latest

Short summary:
Thank you all for the feedback on our second release candidate. This is the last big batch of changes before the final release of v469c. Changes since v469c RC2 include the following:
Fixes for regressions introduced in v469c
  • The game no longer resets the fullscreen resolution while switching renderers
  • The input selection dialog no longer freezes
  • Localized messages and errors should now, once again, appear correctly while compiling scripts
  • Fixed the webadmin on 64-bit Linux
  • Fixed a bug that made the HUD not appear in the Badlands mod
  • Fixed a bug that made the webadmin not save the maplist
  • Fixed a bug that made the webadmin repeatedly ask to resubmit data
  • Fixed a bug that made the source stripper crash
  • Fixed a bug that made Setup not list any available languages
  • Copy/pasting a class name into the preferences/editactor window should now, once again, work as expected
Stability Fixes
  • Fixed a bug that made ALAudio crash when playing a level with an invalid song (External Contribution by Buggie)
  • OpenGLDrv should no longer crash when alt+tabbing or minimizing the game window
  • Fixed a crash bug in the Linux/macOS dynamic font creation code
General Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug that made it impossible to import or use sounds/music tracks with special characters in their file/package/group names
  • Fixed a bug that made it impossible to edit certain array properties through the preferences menu
  • Fixed a bug that made it impossible to enter network servers after having hosted a listen server
  • Fixed a bug that could cause make stationary pawns such as TeamCannons freeze the game if their target died while they were following it
  • Fixed a bug that could cause CTFFlags to vanish if they were last held by a Bot that recently died (External Contribution by Buggie)
  • Fixed a bug that made unacquired trophies appear in the trophy room (External Contribution by Buggie)
  • Fixed a bug that made Galaxy play a whistling sound when a player or bot died while holding a pulse gun
  • Fixed a bug that made the Linux and macOS game clients save ini files incorrectly under certain circumstances
  • Fixed a bug that made it impossible to start games with categories other than "Unreal Tournament" (External Contribution by Buggie)
  • The Linux/macOS clients should no longer get stuck in a window resizing loop if SDL fails to give us a window of the resolution we request
  • Fixed a bug that made transparent pixels in an input image fully opaque when importing them into a masked texture
  • The server browser now allows you to double click and join servers that do not respond to pings (External Contribution by Buggie)
  • UTPG's team info enhancement for UdpServerQuery is now enabled by default
  • Made the game detect infinite loops in state code
  • Made the weapon list resize after dragging the slider in the weapon options menu (External Contribution by Buggie)
  • Added dynamic mylevel actor recompilation support. When enabled, the script compiler now allows you to change the class layout of actors that you've placed into your level. The following [Editor.EditorEngine] ini options control this feature's behavior:
    - WarnForActorRecompilation (Bool - Default Value: True): Warns mappers when they are about to recompile the code for MyLevel actors. The warning explains why recompiling MyLevel actors is dangerous and informs them about the new actor recompilation ini options
    - DynamicActorRecompilation (Bool - Default Value: False): Enables dynamic actor recompilation support. When the feature is disabled, Unreal Editor still allows you to recompile MyLevel actors, but the script compiler will not resize Actors after recompilation, nor update their properties to match the new class layout
  • Disabled mouse smoothing by default
  • Made mouse input more precise on macOS and Linux
  • Improved support for Apple Retina displays
  • XOpenGLDrv should now be able to use up to 2 million bindless textures (up from 4096). You will, however, have to reset some ini settings to unlock this capability:

    Code: Select all

  • Added Portugese localization
  • Various small fixes for all languages
  • Core.*: Added dummy "example" commandlets. The localization of these lines is optional
  • Startup.*:
    • ** "Chose" -> "Choose"
    • ** Added new section "[IDDIALOG_ConfigPageMouseInput]" for the new "First Time" window where the user chooses between Cursor, DirectInput and Raw mouse inputs.
    • ** First-time configuration window title is now "Unreal Tournament Multimedia Configuration", since it now covers more than just Video.
  • UnrealI.*: Added [NaliPlayer] section
  • UTMenu.*: Added dummy lines. The localization of these lines is optional
  • Spanish: Added missing line in UBrowser.est and fixed key name in UMenu.est and controls tags in UTMenu.est
  • Spanish: All instances of "You got/picked up..." streamlined into "Has recogido..."
  • Catalan: Minor fix to AS-Overlord.ptt and localized a whole unlocalized section in UnrealShare.ptt.
  • This build does not include the wxWidgets-based launcher for 32 bit Linux
If you found any issue - go to issue tracker and report it:
https://github.com/OldUnreal/UnrealTour ... hes/issues

Before create issue check what already exist, for not create duplicates:
https://github.com/OldUnreal/UnrealTour ... 3Aopen+RC3

Happy testing! :rock:
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