Non powers of 2 texture import

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Non powers of 2 texture import

Post by The_Cowboy »

Since mip-map is irrelevant in the context I am working in, I was wondering if there is a way to import the textures of the resolution 72 * 15 (pixels) types, via code, like so

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#exec Texture Import File=Textures\04_SHOCK08.pcx  Name=ANEShock0    Mips=off
The Engine (469c release) is still giving me pain with the import.
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Re: Non powers of 2 texture import

Post by fudgonaut »

Textures must be a factor of two. For a 75x15 surface you'd need to import a 128x16 texture.
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Re: Non powers of 2 texture import

Post by Buggie »

Some work about NPOT (Non Power Of Two) has be done, but not include in v469c. Possible it appear in v469d.
But in general you better avoid NPOT textures. It can hurt old clients even if v469d allow import it.

Current D3D9 driver not able handle NPOT textures properly. And this always be since even if it be fixed for D3D9 v436 not all users update their clients.