PSI Weapon Dreams

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PSI Weapon Dreams

Post by Diablo »

Anyone remember the weapon pack PSI Weapon Dreams? Fun memories blowing ppl up with the Dream Reaver.
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Re: PSI Weapon Dreams

Post by OjitroC »

Yeah, sure. I have the Psi weapons in one of my StuffSwapper configs - not that I have used that config for a long time though (having settled into using Counter Strike 'stuff').

I've also given some Psi weapons to a few of my ScriptedPawns - though I have had to change some as, in common with some other custom weapons, they throw lots of log errors when used by ScriptedPawns (it seems to me that some weapons are coded to be used only by Players - the odd error is OK but some throw an error every tick which leads to a very large log!).

Notwithstanding all that, those weapons are fun :rock: