Bending Unit

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Bending Unit

Post by EvilGrins »

I know there's a model for Bender, but is there's a summonable monster that looks like him?

I vaguely recall hearing about one once, but I'm not sure.
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Re: Bending Unit

Post by OjitroC »

Not as far as I know - certainly haven't come across one.

Easy enough to make if it's a weapon-holder ScriptedPawn that is wanted. Just use Barbie's SBHumaneFixes, subclass any of the three Commando classes, swap the mesh and add the skin and alter those of the default properties that need altering or you want to alter (the DrawScale of each of the Commandos is dfferent and, if I remember correctly, none =1 so that and the collision need to be altered, for example).

Here's one I made earlier
Seen in SniperTown armed with a Legacy.LeFragCannon - uses some sounds from the Bender model (footsteps and one death sound) and others from the voicepack MAT_Bender - none of these are internalised in the .u file. There do not seem to be any animation errors (there may be some log errors from the weapon - can't remember now - some custom weapons are not coded to be used by Pawns that aren't Players or Bots, probably in error rather than deliberately).

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