Quick Guide to update UT and see all servers

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Quick Guide to update UT and see all servers

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Just a quick tutorial for either new players who want to check this game out or those returning to the game. :)

NOTE: Unreal Tournament Multiplayer is still fully functional even after Epic Games shutting down their masterserver!
There are many more masterservers. The following steps add the other existing masterservers to the client config, making UT fully playable again.

How to play online

There are 2 methods to do this once you have the game running:
  1. Download the latest 469 patch (.exe version).
  2. In case you want to stick with the official version 436 (Download Patch here) or dont want to touch anything else in your current UT installation, or used the .zip version of the 469 patch, follow these instructions:

    - Open your UnrealTournament.ini in your game's System folder
    - Search for [[UBrowserAll]
    - Overwrite all ListFactories entries with the following code

    Code: Select all

    - Add bFallbackFactories=False below ListFactories (or change to False if entry is already existing)

    - Search for [UBrowser.UBrowserMainClientWindow]
    - Add bKeepMasterServer=True at the end (or change to True if entry is already existing)
And that's it, really. You can also do method #2 with the new patch in case you want more master servers being checked, but it isn't required. :thuup: