File name extensions in [Engine.GameEngine]

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File name extensions in [Engine.GameEngine]

Post by Barbie »

sektor2111 wrote: Sun Feb 05, 2023 8:35 am
Barbie wrote: Sun Feb 05, 2023 1:33 am "Sfc.u" to ServerPackages? The clients need it, too.
It's "SFC" not "SFC.u"
Is there any reason for cutting the extension? If so, you relay on the order of PATHS given in [Core.System].
May I show a snippet of my server's INI?

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(I put this into a new thread because I didn't want to derail the other.)
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Re: File name extensions in [Engine.GameEngine]

Post by sektor2111 »

I have never used any sort of extension - it's just packages whatever they are.
In mean time - according to said prior topic with "SFC" issues, I see other useless settings - game-type is automated as package. In any multi-server which I do, I never load game-type as package - player doesn't need to load ALL gaming packages for playing 10 minutes, that thing is automated unless we talk about extra-stuff that won't be known, and player needs it. MonsterHunt package is also automated by Map - ALL MH maps (not craps) are calling that due to MonsterEnd embedded. But it's not my server and so not my problem...
In order to discuss more technical details. If you have maps that are not having anything related to MonsterHunt package and you apply some patching, then MonsterHunt might be added, either way your MonsterHunt might call it due to assets used, and once again, it's not needed.

Different said, when I do a MonsterHunt server from ground zero I won't add any MonsterHunt.u file as "ServerPackage" with or without Extension - but never. I allow Engine to do its job without pushing useless things. I'm running games from packages in the same server: XC_MonsterHunt, XC_MonsterHuntArena, NsDM3, NsCTF3, NsTDM4, NONE of these are loaded as ServerPackages - all it's working normally. Mutators are also loaded in a different way - only if are needed - that is managed by XC_Engine, this is why I won't quit using it. If 469c doesn't have a good XC thing, it's not like I'll do any update. I'm using 469c for editing due to several good fixes executed.