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Older One - New One - Borealis

Post by sektor2111 »

Initially added by Diablo, after fixing a HOM ( :? ) with some cubes in the same place, this is an edit with a few touches...
Edit Notes:
Geometry and actors:
- Main Terrain Base went turned into Semi-Solid;
- Adjusted a few rotations for Items and placing them more handy;
- Adjusted Decorations;
- Cleaning debris data;
- imported Music;
- added ScreenShot;
- deleted "HOM FIX" with all embedded data.
Bot Suport:
- Added a new set of PathNodes using run-time probing and locations;
- Mapped routes with Editor triggered by MapGarbage with pre-pathing tweaks;
- Deleted Paths created going through Decorations Trees;
- Attaching extra-needs.
The rest of mystical reported "problems" are going ignored:
ScreenShot was adjusted after a capture from a session using D3D Render in UT 440 - so complains with D3D are irrelevant - yes, it's 512 × 512... So what ?
All Nodes with "problems" were added based on run-time position of Pawn similar to InventorySpots and PlayerStart - which are not having "problems"... :sleep: . I'll solve other potential issues if it's found any.
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Re: Older One - New One - Borealis

Post by OjitroC »

The rest of mystical “problems” I will ignore up to the end of current century.
Explanations for myths destruction:
Game-type is set by user and INI file right on top of file, We also play LMS and TDM in a DM map, it's irrelevant. EPIC did not use this field and it's not even needed anywhere.
The "mystical problems" reported by Buggie's MapChecker are potential issues for investigation by the mapper just as they are with the issues reported by MapGarbage - not all issues are actually problems that need to be rectified.

MapChecker is a tool for checking any map - surely the GameType needs to be set for maps used in custom GameTypes and/or Mods/Total Conversions? Though I agree that it needs to be set with a degree of caution and with consideration of what other gametypes the map could be legitimately used for.

On the map itself
1 PlayerStart1 seems to be located the furthest from a weapon compared to the other PlayerStarts, most of which are very close to weapons - players starting at PlayerStart1 would seem to be at a disadvantage;

2 PlayerStart3 is particularly well favoured, being close to the Shock Rifle and to the UDamage;

3 There is a path to the top of the central 'hill' - perhaps move the UDamage to that spot - to give purpose to that path, increase interest and decrease the advantage of PlayerStart3?

4 The 'corona' which was a feature of the sky in Diablo's version seems to have disappeared? This has lessened the visual interest in the map to a certain degree;

5 Despite the lack of a light source (dark sky, dark clouds), the map seems uniformly and perhaps unnaturally bright, though there are slight shadows cast by the larger central rocky outcrops. Some form of light source in sky is needed I would suggest.

MapGarbage reports :
ItemLocator: MedBox0 trying to ajust.
ItemLocator: MedBox1 trying to ajust.
ItemLocator: PAmmo0 trying to ajust.
ItemLocator: UT_ShieldBelt0 trying to ajust.
ItemLocator: BulletBox0 trying to ajust.
ItemLocator: Items checked ! 5 items have been adjusted a bit, which means 23% of map's items.
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Re: Older One - New One - Borealis

Post by sektor2111 »

Adjusting items is good if you need to gain wider Paths - Monster compatible, either way all is linked and "Reachable". When these are placed on slants they can be adjusted until they will be completely moved elsewhere if builder is used multiple times for the same purpose, because engine keeps pushing them away until they will go in air - it's not like they cannot be taken after all (shield and UDamage if it's moved on top)...

The rest: Starts are as they were in initial file. There might be welcomed some changes - I'll think about.

Paths to the top ? Added because I went there and... Whoever wants to camp there MUST DIE. MBots won't accept sleeping in shoes. They were chasing me very nice, and challenging. Pathing here is aiming "hunter" type pawns, not only "Greed-for-Items" boys.
I was thinking a bit to move amplifier there but this might be coming with a need for JumpBoots - and here a blast can be ugly, since on top in external spots I think there are some craps traps. Perhaps jumping that hard is not advisable, just saying.

Sky ? I could clearly see initially in the most of renders LINES from cubes - Cubes in this stage don't match this place - still might be needed some "Sky" - perhaps there will be some work in future - This is why I deleted "CUBE-HOM-FIX", it makes no sense. On the other hand, it's interesting because it doesn't have more brushes and then errors concerning building are not aggressive like in maps with 2000+ brushes, it worth wasting a bit of time for fine tuning. More natural lightning might be an improvement I have to admit.

Next "customs" issues - First of all needs, Siege uses CTF maps - No game defined is required here neither defining Siege in a "CTF-..." map-file. Second - INI has settings, usually is set DeathMatchPlus, there can be ANY. My test server has already replaced that lousy thing to "MonsterHunt.MonsterHunt". This way everything starts as MonsterHunt - I did these when I was playing daily MonsterHunt. This a major factor deciding what is fired when you click on a map-file. Anyone can do what settings wants, simply map doesn't need such things and perhaps in future MapGarbage will have these useless "problems" removed.

Resuming: Today I played a bunch of times this piece with SmartStockBots, and such customs (renders checks). I'm not disturbed by PlayerStarts placement, I won majority of games - except 1-2 games against Loque and XAN...
Let's see scenario... I spawn far, they get Amplifier. Sektor's Tactical Move = Run Away and load other items until "Amplifier" is gone, just like that - hunt the guys who don't have amplifier. It's not hard to avoid "Amplified-Boy" because of lightning - lol. I don't think are needed more changes here. If amplified Boy is chasing you, "forget" some projectiles in the back, let him step on grenades or whatever has a delay, or doing damage with the help of walls, whatever...

Good to know some Feed-Back from all angles...   
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... I recreated SkyBox and adjusting lightning closer to something named "Borealis", cold light...
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That's it so far, feel free to add other needs... if are needed.
Adjusting items is not advisable, they don't need anything - in slants it's not recommended to move them repeatedly.
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