Revolutionary map, literally (DM-Invertyx)

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Revolutionary map, literally (DM-Invertyx)

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This is pretty awesome (likely just very good warp portal usage, but indeed well pulled off then!)
EDIT: Yup, just good use of those it seems.
So LazyMatrix to make the vanilla hitscan have projectiles all the time is advised.

For UT2004 I was aware of
and the map to go with it, but bots would not walk anywhere but the ONE "floor".

Not so here, which makes this so great.
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Re: Revolutionary map, literally (DM-Invertyx)

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Let me guess, it looks like everyone on the ground floor is also playing on the ceiling?

I've a couple of those.
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Re: Revolutionary map, literally (DM-Invertyx)

Post by papercoffee »

Ah yes this map.
Really nice and confusing.
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Re: Revolutionary map, literally (DM-Invertyx)

Post by nickelo »

Uploaded to my server, !vote load and test, good work!!!
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