Unreal Tournament v469d - Release Candidate 4 (RC4) public released!

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Unreal Tournament v469d - Release Candidate 4 (RC4) public released!

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After RC2 come RC4!

Feel free go and download it:
https://github.com/OldUnreal/UnrealTour ... ses/latest

Short summary:
Thank you all for testing Release Candidate 2 and for reporting various issues! This new build will hopefully fix all of these problems. In the meantime, we've also worked on the last outstanding items on our internal TODO lists for this patch. We now consider this patch feature complete, so we plan to release the final version of v469d in November.

A full change log is available here.
If you found any issue - go to issue tracker and report it:
https://github.com/OldUnreal/UnrealTour ... hes/issues

Before create issue check what already exist, for not create duplicates:
https://github.com/OldUnreal/UnrealTour ... +is%3Aopen

Happy testing! :rock:
for admins
Admins: Please stick this topic for a while and close for replies or there going be bug tracker, as be before.