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This is not really a playable UT map, per se, as it is way too big to be easily navigable. This is more of an example of civic architecture created after studying modern airport designs from around the world and also all of the UT airport maps I could find. I tried to make this map resemble and function more like what a real airport might look like in the UT world.

This is your final boarding call... ...

PS. I almost forgot to mention, thanks to the authors of several other Airport themed maps that helped research and inspire this one, including "Airport Terror" 2000 by Werner Poetzelberger, "Doomed Airport" 2000 by Mark Hurst, and "[BBST] Airport" 2005 by R@dius.

Although I couldn't get BBST Airport to run (it kept crashing, maybe the NTSB can look into it) I was however able to pull up a screen shot from the MyLevel package. Thanks R@dius.
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Re: Airport

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I'm sure die-hard snipers would love it, and I know at least 1 person who might consider it a pathing challenge due to the size.   
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My initial comment was on you saying the map is ginormous (a slight but accurate paraphrase) but I've since let the bots have a run at it.
The terminal itself is huge, but the runways and the surroundings are massive to the point of insanity.
Not even sure why it needed an underground tram, but it has that too.

Most of the action, from pathing, seems to stick to the main terminal as bots run through it and under it in a fairly consistent loop.
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Oh, and sorry I couldn't find you (or make) a stewardess skin for this. Although the bodysuit works well enough.

Overall, a good map. Find a sniper rifle and you can setup outside the terminal at the extreme range and pick off players in the terminal.
Only flaw I found, and I'm not even sure if it is one, is I think the Bunny Heads on the Playboy plane are supposed to be facing in the same direction... forward.
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Re: Airport

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Happy to see that someone always use BBST work in 2024 :tongue:

u make a great AIRPORT map ! :rock: