To Christian "Swanky" Ahlborn

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To Christian "Swanky" Ahlborn

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I am no one of any particular importance. But I have played UT off and on since its inception, and I have played around in the editor over the years.
I am by no means an expert, I honestly don't rank myself very highly at all in mapping. But I can say I know the trials and pains that mapping can bring.

I wanted to post this just to express my admiration for your body of work.
I have spent some time gazing upon your maps, playing them, walking around, admiring them.
I am so impressed with your layering of textures, shapes, and even sounds.
Your use of lighting is mature and expressive.
Your brush work is simply amazing to me.
Each theme you develop is fully realized and convincing, and in UT99 I at least can comprehend the effort involved to accomplish this.

Thanks for what you have given to this community.
And from one (much less skilled) mapper, to another (extremely skilled) mapper, WELL DONE.

Fantastic work!
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Re: To Christian "Swanky" Ahlborn

Post by Swanky »

Thank you for the kind words.
Thing is, I don't think I am *that* good of a mapper. Just dedicated and maybe knowledgeable. There are plenty of more influental or more technically adept mappers than me. Just took the right lessons from those. ;)