Very bad admins

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Very bad admins

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I play UT99 from it's release. Played a lot online in era of phone Internet connections.
After some years, I started to play it again online, with 20Mb/s connection. Have very low pings on some servers, but strange, they are barely populated.

There are some popular and usually populated servers like El Dorado and UT Sea 1 , located likely in Central America, where I have not to good ping (170-340) but most of players have too bad, so I was able to win many times DM . But I noticed some cheaters - and I can recognise them - for instance when someone makes headshot while even not turns ahead of you, he certainly uses some aimbot. Or making 20 frags in 50 secs. There were some heated discussions, many people just left silently, and after some time we could see that actually forum admins are those who cheat in most of cases. And they even not feel some shame about. I hade some arguing with them, but the result was that they said that I'm cheater and similar. I can say that aimbot helps nothing with ping of 300 - much better is to use brain and skill. But there are many other, better cheats - like <DO NOT POST CHEAT NAMES HERE!!>, what is sold for more than UT self, as I read somewhere. I guess that many use it, but wisely - activating features not much, so hard to recognise.

Back to admins - on mentioned 2 servers I'm banned now - and I'm not onlyone. Some guy said that they banned him after won there many times. And one of admins talked against foreigners coming there . What a bunch of idiots ! They could install some ACE against cheaters, like all good servers did. But I guess that they do it not because then they self could not cheat.

Another bad admin: <do not name and shame, specially without any evidence> - I saw how he cheats on Malevolence - after 20 minutes 0 deaths, can not miss ... When I pointed that he cheats, he immediately banned me without a word. I guess that there is many people on his ban list ... And he cheats on some other servers too.

All this may seem as someones try to black some people, as personal attack or whatever. Go online and try mentioned servers for some time .

Re: Very bad admins

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billybill wrote:I can tell you none of those two servers you mentioned are for new players and maybe that is why you were removed

What I would do is not jump to conclusions, or listen to people who may not be a credible source. See if the server has an official forum where you can mention your bad id and see what evidence they have on you, you may have even been caught up in a ban not intended for you. I have no idea why you would come here and say it [although everyone rants now and again]. In future you should do what I have stated above, if no forum exists then email the admin.

If players on the server have a latency of 0-25ms then odds are it's the aimbotter using the handle "<do not name and shame, specially without any evidence>", who is obviously having a hard time with his cheats right now

I humbly request this thread closed and you discuss it with whoever banned you
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Re: Very bad admins

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Not sure what you want to achieve with this in this particular forum, but again, each admin runs its own server. Furthermore do not post names of cheats publicly, nor accuse anyone without showing intrinsic evidence.
If they aimbot in their own server or so, that's their own problem, just don't play there.
Instead, go play in servers which do take cheating seriously and have all sorts of anti-cheats and anti-tweaks installed to make it fair for everyone, and those are generally the most populated ones ran by respected clans and communities.

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Re: Very bad admins

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Only One night where I was going to sleep earlier (and slept a little bit longer) and that happened here. :wth:

If you has no evidence don't blame people/server in public ...and furthermore what has to do with those alleged cheater server?
As Ferali mentioned it already "just don't play there".