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-{ISC}- Sniper Clan

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finally, I would like to present a clan and a sniper server which have been online by many years.
ISC is a historical italian sniper clan established in 2005 even though some of its players started playing online already in 2001 in another team. There are some true skilled players and one the founders, Mano Santa (i.e. translated "Holy Hand") is also an expert mapper. One of his maps, Oriental Passage, is virtually present in almost every sniper server.
I say the truth when I say that ISC history is deeply bound to the history of UT99, they have been following the entire development of the game from UT99 to UT3 over the years. Nowadays, ISC is not a real clan anymore, it's more an open friendly club of italian players who like to play sometimes sniper arena and sniper camping.
They still have a working server:

-{ISC}- Sniper Server ### SniperCity - IP

The new ISC server (actually called "SniperCity", the evolution of their original ut99 server called "Sniperlandia",i.e. translated "SniperLand") hosts different mods but remains basically a sniper server with classic Sniper Arena ZP (small to medium sized maps) and modern Sniper Camping (large maps) with modded rifle/xloc, based on NBK camping rifle (I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Tony Dominatore from NBK snipers for his support and TheDane for having rebuilt 2 nice sniper maps, DM-BigCityMayhem and DM-Springfield, you can find now on ISC server).
Sniper Camping is played as active camping according to NBK Cup 2011 rules + redeemer: no hunting, no hiding, no base camping, no close revenge, no teleport/lift camping, no telefragging and, most of all, no "no-run" mods installed. I don't think everyone knows camping rules but some of you surely do: I guess noccer does know for sure :mrgreen:

These are the mods you can find on the server:
-Sniper Arena ZP DM/TDM
-Instagib ZP DM/TDM
-Mac10 UZI + Relics DM/TDM
-Sniper Camping DM/TDM
-Xloc Practise (with xloc params similar to those used for camping)
-Xloc Arena

...and these are the game mutators installed:
-SpawnGuardLinux (SpawnGuard for win32 servers recompiled for Linux)
-NoPowerupsUZIMod (custom NoPowerups mutator built for UZI mod and based on FN rules)
-NyanCatDeemerMiniBETA (the fabulous Nyan Cat Deemer made by Rocky, modded)

The server hosts some custom skins and a lot of (italian) voice packs, the most politically scorrect you can hear on earth :D but also the most funny ones, eh eh (if there are italian players here, they will easily recognize some ugly characters of the italian TV/YouTube scene...)
ISC have also an active forum, http://isc.forumcommunity.net, so you can always leave a comment or simply ask for a rumble, who knows ?

ISC usually play at late night but you're always welcome: during week, I try to keep an eye open on server from 7PM to 1AM EU time (GMT+1) :tu:

Although I don't use ISC tag and consider myself as a freelance player, I'm part of this open club of players. I help ISC guys with their server and write on their forum too (you can find me easily on there almost every day).

Pietro (aka Mr.P)
Personal map database: http://www.ut99maps.net

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