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Post by Sp0ngeb0b »

I had the idea of making a DeathMatch map, which looks very nice and is fun to play. So i started building this map. I learned a lot (good flow, original architecture) and so one..I tested it and had much fun, like in the first maps of UT. Check it out and tell me what u think!

There are 3 hidden objects: Invisible, Shieldbelt and Redeemer. Try to find them! Tips: search for non-solid walls!

A few screens:



Full Bot navigation is included!!

Enjoy!! :)

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Re: DM-Souls_of_Diamonds

Post by Dare »

Good job, but people can just cheat and look at the hidden rooms in UED :tongue:
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Re: DM-Souls_of_Diamonds

Post by Creavion »

I cut a long story short, read these tutorials and try to understand it:

Lighting Tutorial
http://teamvortex.planetunreal.gamespy. ... hting.html

Geometry Example Tutorial ... apetut.htm

I take the gloves off and suggest you really to read these tutorials. Just for the case you want to be much better the next time. Seriously.
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Re: DM-Souls_of_Diamonds

Post by Deadmeat »

That Geometry tutorial was really good. One thing though - I noticed that the guy simply added solid brushes directly on top of each other, no intersecting or deintersecting. I always had it in my head that you shouldn't add multiple solids onto each other, can't remember why. Have I been making things difficult for myself all this time by avoiding this and working with some rather horrible interescted brushes?