=(V)= Vulpine Mission - RocketX Based Clan

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=(V)= Vulpine Mission - RocketX Based Clan

Post by Chopper »

Hi, I'm Chopper, the founder and leader of Vulpine MIssion. We are a RocketX Based clan in the RocketX community of UT99. We are an old clan, but went out of commission for a while and now we are just getting back to operational status.

Stop by and check us out sometime if you like.

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Re: =(V)= Vulpine Mission - RocketX Based Clan

Post by =(V)=Diplomats »

Yes, visit forum sometime. :tu:
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Re: =(V)= Vulpine Mission - RocketX Based Clan

Post by Acid.OMG »

I am also a part of this clan
feel free to come visit our forums

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Re: =(V)= Vulpine Mission - RocketX Based Clan

Post by =(V)=Pinky »

i might as well update, we have a new site
from there you should be able to find out anything about =(V)= that your little heart desires :tu:
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Re: =(V)= Vulpine Mission - RocketX Based Clan

Post by The_PELTONATER »


I was recently banned from your server for "botting". I wasnt even sure what botting was until I had asked someone on HOF. Well, long story short, I have found that my 15 yr old son was playing on my computer and decided to use some auto aim tool he had installed, I guess that is "botting". I have since installed his own UT game on his laptop and told him not to use this "botting" when he plays.

I am wondering if you could pass this along to the appropriate people and be kind enough to grant me access back to your server so I can enjoy playing with you guys once again?

Thank you,


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Re: =(V)= Vulpine Mission - RocketX Based Clan

Post by papercoffee »

Sorry but why did you write it here?

1. Wrong board ... we are not http://vulpinemission.com/
2. Necro-bump ... Last post is from May 20, 2009
3. Yeah, it's always the little brother or the son or the Columbian charlady