UT Server Browser down!?

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UT Server Browser down!?

Post by Hitman »

Is the UT Server Browser down? anyone know?
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Re: UT Server Browser down!?

Post by esnesi »

in-game i experience no issues.
Masterserver of unreal-archive is taking 333's over for me.

That web variant seems to be faulty though.

seems to be down.

more updates in their discord, seems a disk got broken.
[Current 333networks status: DOWN
Critical hardware failure.
All data is safe and secure.
Cold spares are being configured and brought online.
Use Errorist, OldUnreal, GoneSpy or one of the other MS services for immediate access.

Update 14:30h (gmt+2);
The damage is restricted to a defect HDD.
Replaced with spare/backup SSD.
Server framework is back online.
Installing services to run masterserver, website and secondaries.
Next update will be in 1.5 hours.

Darkelarious — Today at 2:42 PM
Our ICT professional is hard at work trying to fix the problem:
Slight delay in operations because play-and-nap time.
https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/ ... 140442.mp4
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Re: UT Server Browser down!?

Post by Buggie »

Alive now.