I really hate

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I really hate

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I really hate to be doing this again after not needing so for a while, but fact of the matter is, I am in emergency.

I have had a surprising turn of events lately, it is all too much to write in detail about, fact is there were several things like me finding an old friend that disappeared, partially via another friend, but I decided to send letter and it turned into a nightmare where I actually had my e-mail accounts compromised and I had to reset passwords. And honestly after everything that happened I was seriously considering suicide for the first time in a while.

But parallel to this other events happened, namely we were forced to use part of the money put away for rent for something else and my partner has made this new "system" that he religiously sticks to putting away money now. But since my usual sources of money went little shorter now to say the least, it has caught up and I am stuck now, not knowing where to turn. We tried to setup new crowdfunding but the site went bust and I still haven't gotten money back from those fraudsters, the news about it is here, but it went worse and the news stopped reporting on it...we used to have cards from them and we never saw back the money...

https://www.novinky.cz/clanek/domaci-fi ... m-40446456
https://www.novinky.cz/clanek/domaci-z- ... redirect=1
https://www.novinky.cz/clanek/ekonomika ... redirect=1

Basically we had to buy the info from the registry where the current owners are and it changed ownership and they never pick up mail, also we had something else in contract than what they wanted us to do with the automated messages. Ever since that October there was not a personal message and I needed to speak to somebody in person. Thus that money went nowhere. Its just complete "wild west" and a politician was involved in creating this company. But these alternatives are the only way how some people can get by especially if they get those unfair debts on them like is mentioned in one of the articles too. The system is just broken and entrapping honest people in practice. The big fish are left unharmed in all this mess.

I need to ask if there's anyone here that can help me again with a personal donation. It would really help a lot. I am starting to post new content and getting back to gear so if I can't make it through this month would be extra hurtful for me.