Some more usergroups?

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Some more usergroups?

Post by Isotoxin »

Well, I think it would be cool to have some more usergroups, like when a player owns a server, or a usergroup for a mapper etc..
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Re: Some more usergroups?

Post by Feralidragon »

To be honest I don't think that's necessary.

Usergroups are mostly people with distinct permissions or status, and if we already have:
Registered Users
Green Members (Honorary members)

If we start adding more usergroups (with distinct colors I assume):
Texture Artist
Sound Artist
3D Modeller
Server Admins

It would start to clutter the forum userbase a lot with the different colors, plus it won't fit users which are mappers and server admins at the same time, or coders and mappers, etc.
Even if we merged some of them to just "Developers" for example, the concept would be too ambiguous and many active people in the forum would have that status, and would still have the same problem as above.

That's well thought for a kind of website which is fully oriented to a game (I mean an appropriate structure for that kind of stuff with pages with users works and servers well organized), but for a forum that wouldn't fit that good.
This is my opinion only ofc, perhaps the rest of the staff may have a different one... :)
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Re: Some more usergroups?

Post by papercoffee »

Ah ok ...I didn't understand what he meant with user-groups ... :ironic: