◄► Unreal Tournament v469d Patch Release (December 2023) ◄►

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◄► Unreal Tournament v469d Patch Release (December 2023) ◄►

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You all already know it and therefore it's old news ...
NOTE: Unreal Tournament Multiplayer is still fully functional even after Epic Games shutting down their masterserver!
There are many more masterservers that just need to be added in the client config.
Installing Patch 469 via the .exe file adds new masterservers to the client.
Updating to 469 via the .zip archive still requires you to apply a quick fix yourself (see this post).

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>>>Get the Patch here!<<<
(Latest release: v469d from December 2023)

the Important README!!
only those who have read the warnings and the how-to have afterwards the rights to complain...


Bug Reports are entered here!!

This thread is not the place for complains and reporting issues. All of this belongs into the list of bugs on github.

The thread with the first announcement
The original 469a release thread on Oldunreal.com
The official 469b release thread
The official 469c release thread
(no OldUnreal thread just yet) <=new
You have the right to celebrate now.