Monster Hunt 613

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Re: Monster Hunt 613

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Re: Monster Hunt 613

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It's not very important but on a few occasions now I have noticed this error in the log

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Error: MonsterHuntRules Transient.MonsterHuntRules2 (Function MonsterHunt.MonsterHuntRules.SaveConfigs:001A) Accessed null class context 'GameClass'
It happens (playing locally in 469c Release) when I stop playing a MH map, go to the Start Practice Session menu, change the gametype to DM and choose a DM map to play.

In the log the Error message is between the loading of the DM map and its dependencies and the unloading of all the stuff to do with the MH Map (which is followed by bringing the DM map up for play and loading the mutators).

No practical or observable consequence of the Error but just thought I would mention it.