★ UnrealEd Website/Server-Teleporter Actor ★

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★ UnrealEd Website/Server-Teleporter Actor ★

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So what do we have here?


Just a simple addon for UnrealEd which allows mappers to include WebTeleporters into their maps.
you can use Http(s):// (Links) and/or unreal://IP:PORT also Mailto://user@theweb?subject="whatever"
so basically if you want a client to visit your webpage(s) or server(s) in case of a portal map.. you may use this Actor in your maps.

from the readme;

Code: Select all

UnrealEditor extension WebTeleporter

Proasm and no0ne.

Whats this?.. 

Just a small Addon for UnrealEditor which enables mappers to place a WebTeleporter
into the Map allowing for sending clients to Websites or Other Servers.


copy WebTeleporter.u to System Folder.


MyLevel the WebTeleporter by typing into the Command: [bar]

obj load file="WebTeleporter.u" package="MyLevel"

open the Actor Browser and tick/untick the "Actor Classes only" toggle few times to refresh Actor List.

goto teleporter > WebTeleporter.

Select VisibleWebTeleporter and insert into map.

you will see a nice icon appear (thanks to our sponsor FireFox)

double click on this icon and goto WebTeleporter > Link

enter there either a website URL Http(s):// or unreal://IP:PORT to send clients to another server.

You can also use Mailto://email@theweb?Subject="Whatever"

If you MyLevel The WebTeleporter then no need to send with your map!


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